Shed 4x6 with a SkyLight- Amber

Shed 4x6 with a SkyLight- Amber

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Colour : Amber

Our design, your comfort.
Palram’s unique polycarbonate Skylight shed designed and developed with emphasis on the everyday use aspects for maximum comfort and usability all day long . Thanks to our perfect virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate, Palram skylight sheds are actually stronger than polypropylene or polyethylene panels and will be the best choice when choosing a garden shed.


  • Virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate panels
  • Large ventilation on both sides
  • Lockable door latches for extra privacy and safety
  • Floor included with ground anchoring option
  • Easy access threshold ramp

PALRAM Polycarbonate stands the highest standards!!!

Before you’re choosing garden shed it is important to pay attention to the specifications and features of the shed, benefits and downsides of the structure materials and to the sheds life cycle costs and maintenance. These are very important aspects in order to ensure quality, durability and safety of your shed for many years to come.

PALRAM Polycarbonate panels made from the strongest materials available on the market. Polycarbonate consumed mostly in the fields of public and industrial sectors, which required to meet the highest standards. Polycarbonate sheets are flexible and very easy to carry, but retain high strength and stiffness over many years, without changing its color or shape

Our design, your comfort
Placing the client at the center of product development, we designed and developed the skylight shed with emphasis on the usability and everyday use aspects such as:
Virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate – stronger than any other storage shed as well as keeps its original shape for years to come
Rust free aluminum frame structure creates additional stability – 10 years warranty
High impact – stands sever weather conditions and protected 100% from harmful UV rays
Exclusive SkyLight roof transmits natural light during day hours and keeps opaque semblance.

Skylight – Let the sunshine in!
A unique feature of the shed is Palram’s unique polycarbonate Skylight. The innovative roof panels transmit natural light into the shed for maximum comfort and usability all day long without need for expensive and vulnerable open windows or unsafe electric lights. In addition, the Skylight roof has safe opaque external visibility for maximum privacy and it also prevents harmful UV rays from entering the shed and damaging your stored items from getting dull and deformed.

Maintenance free, free of worry
Plastic sheds are maintenance free and washable ensuring years of care free use. Unlike wooden or metal sheds that may be damaged from rust, rot, peel, color fading and excessive weather wear and tear Palram’s polycarbonate panels requires zero attention from your side and expressed in low product life cycle cost since no painting or surface treatment are needed.
SkyLight Shelf - connects to the Aluminum frame, saves floor space, and allows you to organize your shed more efficiently. (SkyLight Shelf hanging system is not included)

 SkyLight Shed 4x6 Assembly Instructions



Width (mm) 1250mm
Length (mm) 1860mm
Height @ eaves 1710mm
Height @ apex 2015mm
Wall Material Polycarbonate
Roof Material Polycarbonate
Door style Single door opening outward
Lockable door Yes
Clearance required for door to open 660mm
Air Vents Yes
Low Threshhold ramp Yes
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