Trellising Greenhouse Kit Pro

Trellising Greenhouse Kit Pro

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Greenhouse Trellis Kit Growers Cucumber and Tomato

Description Trellising Kit Pro

Provide your vining vegetables with the best treatment they deserve and you will save precious trellising labour time

Some plants just need a little help growing up!

That is why Rion offers you a choice of trellis to optimize the growing of these plants with style. Garden trellising is the process of providing support, for high and long plants. Trellis helps increase plant size due to vertical growth and avoids plants crowding. They help Increase airflow to plants and provide extensive gardening space.

-Includes six roller hooks spool with 25m twine-Three types of support clips for different vine crops-Assures accurate height control of lengthy plants-Quick and simple to operate-1 year limited warranty

 Trellising Kit Pro Assembly Instructions



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