Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener

Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener

Brand: Palram
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The Palram Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener


Description of Greenhouse Roof Vents

An excellent greenhouse accessory to own that helps to maintain the ideal temperature in your greenhouse. Does away with the worry of opening and closing the roof vent of hot and cold days. Forgetting on a hot day can lead to some sad looking dehydrated plants.

Set the thermostat then when the temperature in the greenhouse starts to exceed the set thermostat limit, the opener automatically opens — allowing the hot air to escape, which prevents excessive heat build-up.

Heat rises so with an opening in the roof the improved air circulation has a way to escape. Helping to maintain a better temperature

Greenhouse Ventilation As the temperature cools back down, it automatically closes.

The auto vent opener can be set to open from 12 degrees centigrade or your chosen temperature.


The Greenhouse Automatic Vent Opener is easy to install and is supplied with full instructions.

Programmable Automatically opens at a pre-set temperature Mechanical system - no electricity required Automatic response to weather changes

Palram Automatic Vent Opener

Dimensions: W40cm x L7cm x H5cm

 Automatic Vent Opener Assembly Instructions



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