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What Greenhouse Sizes And Colour Options Are there? Selecting a greenhouse can be a difficult task and no matter what size you select midway through the growing season in the garden the greenhouse will be looking full and too small.
Browse the models below, or select your required size or colour

Sizes : 4x2  |  6x4  |  6x6 |  6x8  | 6x10 |  6x12  |  6x14  |  8x8  | 8x12  |  8x16  | 8x20  | 

Colours : Green | Silver | Dark Grey | White


You need to remember that a section of your space will be used to allow you access. A path will be needed inside the greenhouse some people may also wish to have a small work area for potting or working at a comfortable height.

So the first type of greenhouse you should consider is the biggest option that you can sensibly fit into the space you have in mind.

Our range should suit everyone with options from very small to very impressive large versions that give you lots of growing space.

Stanard kit DIY greenhouses come in set sizes but our ultimate greenhouse can be built in any size.

Glazing options include very safe polycarbonate glazing or toughened safety glass options that both have individual advantages. Toughened glass is clear, allowing you to see out into the garden and polycarbonate is obscured, which keeps you private.

Greenhouse Colour Options
Standard colours in our range include green and silver and we also offer made to measure units which can be produced in 16 different colours from anthracite grey to Chartwell green we have it covered. We can build a traditional greenhouse, a freestanding greenhouse with solar reflective roof panels for south-facing positions with a heat-resistant coloured finish. Our high-quality options are open to all sorts of design upgrades that can be added.


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  • automatic greenhouse window opener
    Automatic Greenhouse Window Opener   An excellent greenhouse accessory to own that helps to maintain the ideal temperature in your greenhouse. Does away with the worry of opening and closing the roof vent on hot and cold days. Forgetting on a hot day can lead to some sad looking dehyd..
    Automatic Greenhouse Window Open...
    Ex Tax: £36.60 £43.92
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • Greenhouse Shelf Kit
    Greenhouse Shelf Kit Pack Of Two The Palram Greenhouse Shelf Kit consists of two 26cm (10in) deep polycarbonate shelves and three aluminium shelf brackets that attach to the aluminium frame of the greenhouse, providing you with a length of 126cm (49.5in) of shelving that can hold up to 20kg (..
    Greenhouse Shelf Kit Pack Of Two...
    Ex Tax: £36.60 £43.92
  • Greenhouse Irrigation System
    Greenhouse Drip Irrigation System For Pot Plants The results from steady consistent watering can be surprising some plants just seem to flourish with a steady source of water. An irrigation system is a practical product but it's also fun to use and compare results. Palram's Irrigati..
    Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Syste...
    Ex Tax: £29.28 £35.14
  • Trellis For Climbing Plants
    Greenhouse Trellis Kit Growers Cucumber and Tomato Provide your vining vegetables with the best treatment they deserve and you will save precious trellising labour time. Some plants just need a little help growing up! That is why Rion offers you a choice of trellis to optimize the growing ..
    Greenhouse Trellis Kit Growers C...
    Ex Tax: £36.60 £43.92
  • Steel Greenhouse Work Bench
    Potting Table Workbench and lower shelf Greenhouse Staging Palram greenhouse steel potting bench is a smart, comfortable and heavy-duty greenhouse work station for your plants. This 2 Tier adjustable Steel Work Bench is the perfect shelf for organizing space in your greenhouse, providing..
    Potting Table Workbench and lowe...
    Ex Tax: £62.22 £74.66
  • Greenhouse Shade Kit
    Greenhouse Shade Cloth Reduce Sunlight. Sun Shade 2.4m x 2.65m Control and reduce sunlight exposure with this effective shade netting kit. This shading plant kit is easy to install and can be easily repositioned as many times as required to protect your plants from harmful UV rays. The kit ca..
    Greenhouse Shade Cloth Reduce Su...
    Ex Tax: £34.16 £40.99
  • Harmony 6x6 - Rustic  Green Small Greenhouse
    Green Greenhouse 6x6 Safety Clear Glazing Green framed 6x6 square greenhouse from the Harmony series merges a smart and clean design with clear glazing sheets with an aluminium frame with a beautiful, functional and sturdy structure to create a simple assembly and improved use.  Harm..
    Green Greenhouse 6x6 Safety Clea...
    Ex Tax: £349.99 £419.99
  • Cold Frame Greenhouse Cloche Aluminium Silver
    Cold Frame Greenhouse Aluminium Double Cloche ​Cold Frame Double provides a safe start for your saplings. Covering your garden-bed early spring or late autumn prolongs the growing season, warding off vermin and maintaining the desired temperature. Plants will enjoy the unique, clear as glass Poly..
    Cold Frame Greenhouse Aluminium ...
    Ex Tax: £57.34 £68.81
  • Raised Bed Garden Cloche - Plant Inn Silver
    Raised Garden Bed The Palram Plant Inn is a complete all in one solution for home vegetable and herb growing. This compact yet durable raised garden bed is comprised of a strong Aluminum frame, along with either Twin-Wall or Clear Polycarbonate glazing. The underneath storage compartment is a won..
    Raised Garden Bed The Palram ...
    Ex Tax: £230.05 £276.06