8x12 Greenhouses

8x12 Large Greenhouses With Double Doors Roof Vents Side Louvres

For schools or wheelchair users disabled access greenhouse

A large 8x12 greenhouse perfect for schools and where wheelchair access with double doors. Designed to be very practicable with double doors for easy access to two roof vents to prevent heat build-up coupled with side louvre vents this is a very large greenhouse for growing greenhouse seeds into large plants and there are lots of room for them.

This double door greenhouse is great disabled access for a wheelchair user greenhouse option and due to its size, it's used as a school greenhouse as an add on to the school garden for its easy access.

Twin wall polycarbonate glazing and a sturdy aluminium frame combined with all the features required to make a great greenhouse.

What Features to look for in a greenhouse?

Access - Structure - Roof vents - Glazing - Side louvres - Doors This Palram greenhouse ticks all the boxes if you have the room this is our recommended choice. Read More

inside greenhouse

Greenhouse Specifications

Withstand strong winds up to 120 km/h (75 mph)Withstands snow load up to 75 kg / m² (15lb. / ft.²)

  • Assembly Sliding panels assembly system High headroom (2.29 m / 90.1 in.) for improved working space Hinged wide and high double doors (114.5 W x 194.5 H cm / 45.1 in. x 76.6 in.)
  • For easy access with wheelbarrows or wheelchairs, Low threshold ramp easy access disabled greenhouse A built-in gutter system to channel water and to easily collect rainwater
  • Even ready to assemble pre-drilled profiles, pre-cut sliding panels and all hardware included Two (2) manual vent windows allow for the proper humidity and ventilation levels needed by your plants All weather-proof materials to allow years of durabilitySuper efficient packaging reduced warehousing – short package – less than 7’ (210cm) long Read More

Disabled access Low threshold double door greenhouse

Greenhouse Frame & Panels

  • Rust-resistant long lasting Aluminum frame Galvanized steel base for maximum stability, alignment, and strength
  • Extra support beams for added strength Roof Panels (4 mm / 0.2 in.)
  • Twin-Wall virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate – diffuse over 70% of the harsh sunlight for an even soft light Wall panels (0.7 mm / 0.03 in.) – crystal clear virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate provides over 90% light transmission, yet blocks 99% of the harmful UV sun rays Read More



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