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Introducing a new top quality greenhouse complete with toughened double glazed glazing and 25mm polycarbonate. The double glazed units reduce the heating bills during winter and protects even the most delicate plants from winter weather.

Built from top quality UPVC profiles this greenhouse can be supplied made to measure to meet you exact requirements giving
you the opportunity to use the space you have available. All the products used are covered by 10 year manufactures

Supplied complete with cresting and finials on the roof and high quality 125mm Regency guttering



The Ultimate Greenhouse

Introducing a new top quality greenhouse. The Ultimate Greenhouse comes complete with toughened double glazed glazing and 25mm polycarbonate. The Ultimate Greenhouse comes with one side vent and a roof vent. The door has a quality lockable handle and heavy duty hinges .. More....


Replacement Glazing

Growing Tomatoes What gives a tomato its taste is the amount of salt, acid and sugar it contains. This depends on how much sunlight it receives whilst it is ripening. This is why a tomato plucked fresh from your greenhouse will always taste much better than those bought in a supermarket which were plucked when still green and allowed to ripen afterwards. Plant your tomatoes in May when the soil temperature has reached 16°C. Do not start adding fertiliser until the first flowers have appeared. Make sure you water them regularly as each tomato plant can ”drink” up to 5 litres of water a day when it is hot.