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Polycarbonate We Supply Aluminium and PVC Frames

twin-wall ploycarbonate sheets perfect for growing flower seeds

Looking to buy? Here are some features you should consider.

This polycarbonate kit merges a smart and clean design to create a simple assembly and improved use. Available in four sizes each size comes with all the standard features.

Panels slide into the Aluminum frame and are locked without any additional parts this framed polycarbonate design which is the original design from the very first greenhouses glazed with polycarbonate in use for over twenty-five years it is a tried and tested method for glazing a small size with plastic sheets. It can cope with high winds and normal snow loading without too many issues. This is an excellent choice for protecting your plants. Read More


Simple easy to build greenhouse with clear glazing.


Easy assemble kits are a brilliant breakthrough in the hobby field. Extend your growing season with fruits and veg use for seed planting or storing potted plants over winter.

Clear safe glazing lets you keep an eye on children while you are working and lets you see what's developing inside as things grow,

The roof comes with an opening roof vent for use during hot summer days. The integral gutter has an outlet so it is a simple task to add a water butt to collect rainwater.

The SNAP & GROW Assembly System Read More

Great cost-effective lean-to greenhouse with a plastic frame


Lean-to structure built from high-quality materials, for long and efficient use.

The robust thick resin frame is a strong maintenance-free extruded PVC profile that holds the panels very tightly.

Rion 3 mm transparent acrylic wall system, maintain high light transmission throughout its long life! The Acrylic sheets are naturally protecting of 100% UV rays, filtering harsh light and will perfectly integrate with your home design and outdoor environment.

  • This superior material is a highly durable, transparent surface, ideal for applications such as window replacement and has an excellent weather ability. Insulating properties and will retain 90% light transmission and clarity for years to come. Read More

Greenhouse with child safe clear glazing



The Harmony 6ft wide range is built with high-quality materials that are functional and in keeping with traditional designs.

The glazing used is a solid polycarbonate sheet which is crystal clear and almost unbreakable. A great material to use in the garden with children or grandchildren playing in the area the glazing is strong safe and it allows you to look out and keep an eye on the activities outside. Read More

Green barn style greenhouse with a high eaves height




Beautifully designed in a barn style shape this plastic version has excellent features for the hobby gardener. Manufactured from strong extruded dark green PVC Resin frame is unique to Palram. The PVC frame has natural insulating qualities to create a fantastic environment for growing fruits and vegetables.

Virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate glazing creates a traditional look of a glass glazed, whilst being safe. Supplied double doors roof vents sliding doors Read More

Diasabled access doors on this greenhouse make it perfect for schools


Large design to be very practicable with double doors for easy access two roof vents to prevent heat build-up up coupled with side louvre vents this is a very large greenhouse for growing seeds into large plants and there is lots of room for them.

This double door is great disabled access for a wheelchair user this option and due to its size, it's used in schools as an add on to the school garden for its easy access.

Twin wall polycarbonate glazing and a sturdy aluminium frame combined with all the features required to make a great choice. Read More

Really big greenhouse perfect for nursery or garden centre use.


If you are feeling upset at the end of the gardening season every year and are considering extending your gardening enjoyment into autumn and winter; the Hobby is a great choice. Let your plants and vegetables grow and keep them safe from the elements, so they will thrive during the winter season.

The Hobby Gardener nursery 8′x20′ is designed with the Keen gardener in mind. Read More

automatic vent opener for greenhouses


Get more from your greenhouse with our range of accessories from water irrigation to potting tables we have it covered. Save space with shelves and staging Read More

Made To Measure Double Glazed Greenhouse UPVC



Introducing a new top quality double glazed version complete with toughened safety glazing and a 25mm polycarbonate roof. Comes with one side vent and a roof vent but you can upgrade to more as required.

The door has a quality lockable handle and heavy-duty hinges. Supplied complete with cresting and finials on the roof and high-quality 125mm Regency guttering.

The double glazed units reduce the heating bills during winter and protect even the most delicate plants from winter weather.

Made to measure the ultimate is a modern choice with options to suit the experienced or novice gardener. Double single or extra doors optional safety glazing for schools

Built from top quality UPVC profiles that can be supplied made to measure to meet your exact requirements giving you the opportunity to use the space you have available. All the products used are covered by 5 to 10 year manufactures warranties. Read More


We aim to deliver your order within a couple of days, but this can vary due to stock levels and demand for our delivery fleet in peak times such as school holidays. Larger contractors orders tend to be placed weeks or months in advance. Guaranteed delivery dates need to be planned by at least four weeks. Whenever possible, we try to use our delivery fleet as this reduces damages and lost packages. When your delivery arrives, there are a few things to consider.

  1. The products should be stored off the floor, and they are best not in direct sunlight if there is protective bubble wrap packaging this must be removed at the time of delivery. Avoiding overheating due to the sun while in storage is the aim. Boxes should be stored out of the way to avoid creating any trip hazards.

Maintenance Very simple once installed you simply need a very occasional clean with water via a hosepipe and a soft cloth. Solvents and abrasives should be always avoided.

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